We are just starting a new venture. Engage is our new Bible study group. Over the coming weeks we will take a Bible book or topic, or a contemporary issue, and study it together. Our hope is that together we may discover what God is saying to his people today.

We begin with Paul's letter to the church in Colossae. You can get an overview by watching the Bible Project video, Colossians. If you want to go deeper then a good place to start would be Tom Wright's commentary on Colossians, Paul for Everyone: The Prison Letters. London: SPCK, 2004.

Week 1, 7:00 pm, Thursday 5 November: The Fruit of the Gospel (Col 1:1-14)

Week 2, 7:00 pm Thursday 12 November: Christ Supreme (Col 1:15-29)

Week 3, 7:00 pm Thursday 3 December:God's treasure revealed (Col 2:1-7)

Week 4, 7:00 pm Thursday 17 December: Complete in Christ (Col 2:8-3:4)

Week 5, 7:00 pm Thursday  7 January: Old Clothes New Clothes (Col 3:5-17)

Week 6, 7:00 pm Thursday  21 January: The Christian Household (Col 3:18-4:1)


Week 7, 7:00 pm Thursday  4 February: Together in prayer (Col 4:2-18)

To begin with, we will be meeting on line. Check back here regularly for up-to-date details. ®
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